Update on World Lupus Day 2019 Plans

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We are completing plans for World Lupus Day 2019. Below is an outline of the plan as it is at this time.  I will send additional details about the project to you as they are finalized.

Our plans to promote World Lupus Day revolve around the upcoming report that GSK will issue on May 10.  The report, “A Vision for Lupus: Calls to action to improve lupus care,” examines the barriers to quality care for people with lupus, envisions how we want the future of lupus care to look like, and provides actionable calls to action that may help improve quality care for people with lupus.

I have provided below additional information about our plans for World Lupus Day 2019.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions or need additional information at peters@lupus.org.

World Lupus Day 2019 Plan Outline


  • Generate 110 million impressions on social media channels, reaching 62 million people
  • Engage 22,000 people to share information about lupus through social media
  • Secure 500 pickups of the official World Lupus Day media release reaching 43 million people
  • Generate 30,000 sessions for the World Lupus Day website during the three-day observance period (May 9-11)
  • Obtain proclamations issued by high-level government officials from 20 nations
  • Generate 2,000 readers for the “A Vision for Lupus” report (tentative)
  • Obtain 3,000 participants in a poll of people with lupus (format to be determined)


  • Engage lupus groups around the world to participate in World Lupus Day promotional activities
  • Educate the public, media and policymakers about the physical, economic, emotional and social impact of lupus around the world
  • Promote the ‘A Vision for Lupus’ report to the media, health-professionals and constituents through traditional and social media channels
  • Conduct a global poll for people with lupus to obtain data related to their experiences managing lupus
  • Secure pledges from the public and government leaders to support advocacy and awareness initiatives to bring greater attention, resources and support to individuals and families affected by lupus
  • Support efforts to promote a Twitter Chat about the ‘A Vision for Lupus’ report

Core Message:

Let’s Join Together to Fight Lupus

We are a network of more than five million people around the world who are living with lupus. And while lupus is a severe and life-changing autoimmune disease that can affect any organ system in the body, we refuse to let lupus define us.

We are fighters — passionate and dedicated — who have chosen to join forces with our families, doctors, medical researchers, government leaders, and caring people like you to fight lupus.

We are warriors — determined to bring an end to the devastating impact of lupus. We will not quit until we secure a better quality of life for all people with lupus, their families, and future generations so that everyone can live well in a world without lupus.

To win this battle, more people around the world must join our fight. The first step begins with education. Knowledge is a powerful tool that can defeat lupus. Knowledge can help those who are looking for answers and provide support and hope to people who struggle with lupus every day.

Knowledge also can rally people to our cause. With knowledge, they can take actions to increase awareness, raise money for research, and encourage government leaders to do everything they can to help people with lupus.

There is more you need to know about lupus. Learn everything you can. Share your knowledge with others. Urge them to help us defeat this terrible disease.

Let’s join together to fight lupus. Discover how you can make a difference for millions of people around the world who are living with lupus. Visit our website at worldlupusday.org. Let’s defeat lupus in our lifetime.

Tactics & Deliverables:

  • World Lupus Day observance media kit in five major languages (budget permitting) distributed to lupus groups and posted to the World Lupus Day website (worldlupusday.org)
  • World Lupus Day global media release
  • Updated World Lupus Day website, to include all observance promotional materials and downloadable copy of “A Vision for Lupus” report and associated support materials
  • Social media messages and graphics templates for use by lupus organizations and the public
  • Updated World Lupus Day government proclamation and support materials
  • Online survey to assess how people with lupus around the world are managing their disease and promotional messages to encourage lupus patients to participate
  • Analysis and data from the online poll broken down by continent/region or country (depending on the number of survey participants)
  • Promotional information about the Twitter Chat (tentative, details to be determined soon)


The World Lupus Federation (WLF) will provide a more detailed timeline soon.


  • Outline of the observance plan and activities
  • A detailed timeline, deliverables and expectations
  • Updates on plans for launch of the ‘A Vision for Lupus’ report


  • The initial draft of media kits and promotional materials, messages, and graphics
  • The launch of the global online survey of people with lupus
  • The launch of updated World Lupus Day website and posting of early promotional information for constituents
  • A preview of media kit and graphics for lupus group leaders


  • The release of survey data and analysis
  • Distribution of all final messages, graphics, and media kit
  • Instructions for promoting the ‘A Vision for Lupus’ report and participation in the Twitter chat
  • Final timeline, support materials and instructions for observing World Lupus Day


  • Distribute World Lupus Day media release
  • Promote activities and events related to the World Lupus Day observance
  • Post photos of World Lupus Day proclamation presentation ceremonies to social media channels and website
  • Public release of the ‘A Vision for Lupus’ report and survey data as part of the 2019 observance of World Lupus Day


  • Preliminary report on the results, reach and impact of the 2019 observance.

Online Resources:

We will post online all promotional materials and other resources to help you conduct the 2019 World Lupus Day observance.  Materials will be posted as they become available.

More information to follow in the coming weeks.


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