Global Survey of People with Lupus

The World Lupus Federation is conducting a short, 12-question survey of people with lupus.  The survey is provided in eight languages.  All responses are confidential.  Results will be posted on May 10 as part of World Lupus Day.

Select your language from the list provided below:


15 thoughts on “Global Survey of People with Lupus

    1. The survey is being conducted by the World Lupus Federation. The data will be released on May 10 as part of our promotion for World Lupus Day. The focus of the 2019 observance of World Lupus Day is community participation in lupus clinical trials and the need for emotional support for people with lupus. The survey is confidential. There is no personally identifiable information being collected.


      1. Susanna, we welcome your participation. Please click on the link of the language of your choice. We also appreciate your sharing of this page with others on social media. Thank you for your assistance.


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