World Lupus Day Theme for 2019

Based on the results of a survey sent to 200 lupus organizations around the world, the theme for the 16th annual observance of World Lupus Day on May 10, 2019 is …

Let’s Join Together to Fight Lupus

In support of this theme, we offer the following position statement for the 2019 observance of World Lupus Day …

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We are a network of more than five million people around the world who are living with lupus. And while lupus is a severe and life-changing autoimmune disease that can affect any organ system in the body, we refuse to let lupus define us.

We are fighters — passionate and dedicated — who have chosen to join forces with our families, doctors, medical researchers, government leaders, and caring people like you to fight lupus.

We are warriors — determined to bring an end to the devastating impact of lupus. We will not quit until we secure a better quality of life for all people with lupus, their families, and future generations, so everyone can live well in a world without lupus.

To win this battle, more people around the world must join our fight. The first step begins with education. Knowledge is a powerful tool that can defeat lupus. Knowledge can help those who are looking for answers and provide support and hope to people who struggle with lupus every day.

Knowledge also can rally people to our cause. With knowledge, they can take actions to increase awareness, raise money for research, and encourage government leaders to do everything they can to help people with lupus.

There is more you need to know about lupus. Learn everything you can. Share your knowledge with others. Urge them to help us defeat this terrible disease.

Let’s join together to fight lupus. Discover how you can make a difference for millions of people around the world who are living with lupus. Visit our website at Let’s defeat lupus in our lifetime.

More information to follow …


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