Building a Better Future for People with Lupus

The World Lupus Federation is proud to represent the lupus patient community in a new collaboration to set the bar for what quality care looks like and create a better future for patients living with lupus. As we mark Lupus Awareness Month and World Lupus Day this year, we want the global lupus community to join us in advocating for a better future for people living with lupus. We need to define the standard of care people living with lupus deserve, which tackles the challenges across the patient pathway.

As founding members of the Global Lupus Advocacy Working Group, organized and funded by AstraZeneca, we stand ready to listen and collaborate with the global lupus community to chart the best path forward.

Read our Call to Action statement in POLITICO Europe calling for change.

  • Jeanette Andersen – Chair, Lupus Europe
  • Dr. Susan Manzi – Director, Lupus Center of Excellence, Allegheny Health Network, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Professor Marta Mosca – Professor of Rheumatology, University of Pisa
  • Patrick Wildman – Vice President, Advocacy and Government Relations, Lupus Foundation of America

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